Our Trial Rule 35 database is a compilation of documents, including IME/DME reports, depositions, discovery requests and responses, related motions and orders, CVs, e-mails, etc. regarding defense retained doctors who have been hired for the purpose of performing a medical examination of a Plaintiff in accordance with Trial Rule 35.

The documents contained in the database have been provided by attorneys across the state of Indiana for the use and benefit of Plaintiff’s attorneys in order to better educate themselves on a particular doctor’s history of findings, biases and opinions.

If you are interested in obtaining information from our database, please contact Melanie K. Kemble at [email protected] or call (765) 423-5628 and advise of the TAB number and TAB location (i.e. Kern, Biel, Misc., Videotaping, etc.) associated with the documents you are interested in obtaining. The TAB number is located in column B at the end of the description of the document. The documents will then be emailed, faxed or mailed to you.

All documents contained in the index have been scanned in PDF format and can be emailed on request.