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Representing Indiana Injury Victims In Premises Liability Claims

Property holders are supposed to keep their premises reasonably safe. When you get hurt due to another person’s lapse in care or judgment, you have rights.

At the Cooke Law Firm, our premises liability attorneys have pursued justice for Lafayette injury victims since the firm’s founding in 1974. Attorneys J. Aaron Cooke and Jeffrey A. Cooke are local to Lafayette. Personal injury and premises liability is all we do – because we are passionate about helping people navigate the legal system and get fair results.

What Kind Of Injuries Fall Under Premises Liability Law?

A premises liability claim can involve numerous situations where someone gets injured on another person’s property. Premises liability claims can involve businesses, like grocery stores or parking garages, and they can involve private property owners, like neighbors or relatives.

Common premises liability claims include:

  • Trips, slips and falls: These are often caused by wet floors, uneven walks, icy surfaces, poorly lit staircases and missing handrails.
  • Animal attacks: These can include attacks by dogs that were not properly secured and other attacks by vicious animals under the property owner’s care.
  • Drownings: These often occur because young children get into pools or hot tubs that a property owner leaves unattended and unsecured.
  • Negligent security: These are situations where there are inadequate or absent security measures to protect people against violent criminals.

It is important to understand that the injuries related to a premises liability claim can be catastrophic. A slip-and-fall lawsuit, for example, may actually involve multiple broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and catastrophic spinal damage. Fatalities are not uncommon. You need an experienced premises liability attorney on your side.

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